Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Recommendations Please

In other words, do my research for me.

I'm still very much a beginner rider. I may have balance, but I don't understand a lot of what is discussed in articles, blogs, etc.  For this post, I'll just ask about collection and the top line.

I have yet to come across an article or video explaining what a top line is. It's referenced a lot...this horse has no top line. Look how the top line filled out. And so on.  What exactly are you looking at or for when describing a top line?  Are there any YouTube videos, or before/after pictures with descriptions showing the change in top line after it's developed?

The same goes for collection. I can't spot a collected horse or tell you if he's stepping under himself.  About the only thing I know about collection is to look for the back hoof stepping in the same spot as the front and the head placement at or near vertical.

So, do you know of any YouTube vidoes or articles with pictures that will help me to better understand collection and top line?

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Making Progress...maybe

Everyone's all "I ride my horse 4 times per week" and I'm like "yup. Sat on my horse a couple of times so far this year".

However, a couple of weekends ago, I felt like progress was being made.  I took advantage of Riding Warehouse's 15% sale and got a girth and webbers for the Wintec endurance saddle I bought last year. Now I can finally get it on Max and do an evaluation.

I also got some supplies to fence in a section of pasture to make an "arena".   Setting up said arena didn't happen because I had to set up for these guys...who just happened to follow me home. It was also crazy windy to the point where I was out of breath walking down to the mailbox.

Last weekend it was cold and nasty. And snowed! And the kiddo got sick. Screw that! The rest of this week and weekend is supposed to be beautiful. I'm going to see if I can set O up in the pack n play in the shade and get that fence done. And maybe even get on the pony. 

Plus, I have what I believe will be the awesomest of awesome saddle pads coming in the mail tomorrow. I can't wait!  It's the perfect excuse to get the pony groomed and tacked up. 

I like big butts and I cannot lie...