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 Max and me in Fall of 2014

My horse is a Haflinger named Max. I bought him back in the summer of 2013. He went to a boarding barn for the summer and fall while the barn was being built. Finally, right around Christmas of 2013, we managed to finish the barn enough to bring him home.  I also got an old llama, Cinderella, to keep him company. They get along nicely and he doesn't seem to miss being around other horses.  Plus, he only shows his buddy sour side when I leave him behind and take Cinderella out of the paddock. If he's out on pasture or I'm with him, he's just fine. 

Max is my first horse. I had always wanted to ride, but never had the means. In college, they offered hunter equitation as a PE class and I somehow managed to get in. During the second semester, we were able to start jumping a bit. That was exciting. After that, I didn't do much with horses for several years. Then I met my future husband (D) in 2009. He grew up with horses and his family still have several.  I got to ride again, then began lessons at my current barn.  I warned D that I was going to have horses well before we were married, so he knew what he was getting in to.  Now we have a lovely property on 10 acres in rural Indiana with Max, Cindy, some chickens, cats and a dog.  Eventually we will get another horse or two, but still need to finish fencing in some of the property first.

As for Max and me, we mostly just stroll around the property for now.

Howling Owl Farm:
The farm is named for all the Great Horned Owls that live in the woods in and around our property. They start calling in the winter and last all summer. I'm in the process of developing it into a viable business. Right now the main focus is natural, hand-made personal care products such as soaps, but hope to expand in the future. Our website is currently under construction. 

Some thoughts on Max:
Part 1
Part 2 (coming soon)
Part 3 (coming soon)

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