2016 Goals

The goals I have floating around in my head are pretty much the same as my 2015 goals. That being said, I'm hesitant to really put them down in a concrete way since I have no idea how I will manage having The Kid.

If you want to skip the wall of text below, here's a summary:
- groundwork
- build confidence
- ride my friggin' horse
- build some more obstacles
- maybe build a roundpen.

I did join the American Haflinger Registry this year and signed up for their recreation program again. It bugs me that I ended 2014 with around 48 hours. (The program's next reward goal was 50 hours). I had joined in 2014, but funds were tight for 2015, so I skipped this past year.

So, one goal is to just get in riding hours. This year the recreation program is also allowing groundwork hours to count as well.

I'm also contemplating putting in a round pen in the pasture.  I saw one posted on a facebook group made from T-posts covered and capped with PVC pipe and surrounded by poly tape (not electrified). My biggest problem is just finding the space. We have a bunch of bushes and trees, so finding a large enough area with the least amount of work may be problematic.

This year I want to boost my confidence with riding Max.  Right now I feel like I have none.  I think I round pen might help with this.

Focus on groundwork, especially in the late winter/early spring.  The dude is getting pushy and I don't have the time or energy to deal with it. He's not dangerous, but he needs to have a lesson in respect.

I also want to continue building trail obstacles. I had new tires put on my car and kept the old ones with the intention of doing something with them. At least one will be filled with dirt as a step up thing.

I'm still hoping to trailer out someplace, most likely my in-laws first, once I have some confidence built up. But that won't be until summer at the earliest I imagine.

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