Monday, May 2, 2016

Redheadlins Blog Hop: HR Complaints

How about an excellent filler post until I can get around to actually writing the 3 awesome posts I have floating around in my head.

From Redheadlins

"If your horse was your co-worker what kind of reports would you have to make to the HR department?"

Complaint:  Max ate everyone's food in the fridge and he's not even sorry about it. Yes, I know it was him. He didn't try to hide it at all.

Complaint: He constantly tries to get out of doing actual work.  We are supposed to be working together but I constantly feel like I have to nag  him to get something done.

Complaint:  Naps in the middle of the day. (not really a complaint, but it would be amusing to have a coworker who blatantly napped at 2pm each day.

Max tries to get out of work unless there is food involved.