Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Most Awesome Saddle Pad


I was in need of a saddle pad and was casually browsing custom ones online without the intention of buying.  This is what happens when you're exhausted and on leave with a newborn for several weeks.

Llamas!  And not just llamas, but blue llamas! My favorite color :)

So, I saw a very small image of what looked like a llama pattern. Had to questions there. It took me to The Chestnut Mare's Etsy. And what to do I see?  Awesomeness.

All I want is grass!

 I paid more for this saddle pad than I probably should have, but it's so awesome and handmade. So I don't feel bad.  This saddle pad is very well made.  I wasn't sure of the coloring and asked The Chestnut Mare for her opinion. She sent me some photos with several binding colors up against the fabric to help me choose.  Great customer service!

New stirrup leathers...I was too lazy to adjust for such a short ride.
The pictures don't do it justice. I need to remember to not take pictures in direct sunlight.  I also didn't realize the flaps were so long on my endurance saddle and I should have gotten the dressage sized pad.

I had to do it! (No, you don't ride llamas but you can drive them)
As a side note, I have very much been MIA from blogging and reading blogs, especially over the last 3 weeks or so. Having a kid and essentially starting a business while working full time kind of limits the amount of time I have.


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