Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Drunken 2ptober

I haven't ridden since August. Today I managed to get a half hour free and rode both the beasts. Apparently I'm very lazy but also love to torture myself. I didn't want to dig out the saddles or put much effort into riding so I just threw on a bridle and rode bareback.

It's also 2ptober so why not do my baseline too?

Today I started with Maggie. We wandered around the paddock like a couple of drunks. We need to work on walking a straight line.  Also got a baseline of a whopping 5 seconds.

Then I rode Max. He is so different from Maggie. He feels like a narrow TB compared to her. He has a smoother trot and can still walk reasonably straight.  After riding Maggie I couldn't go longer  than 5 seconds. The entire time I was riding, Maggie was hollering in her stall. I had to end my ride early when she started trying to break down the sliding door. Max didn't care at all about being separated.  Good boy!


  1. Hey well you're well placed to be most improved!!!

  2. So glad you're participating! Also that blue bridle is awesome !


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