Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Out with Max, In with Maggie....

Hopefully not a metaphor for the year. 

I ended the year with a ride on Max.  He was so good, especially considering the wind.   We even made it out into the pasture, but not to the far end along the road. My nerves can only handle so much.  Boy got fat though. I could barely get his girth on.  I ended up buying a girth extender from RW. 

On Max, in the pasture looking towards the road.  His ears say "barn's that way*

Then, on Monday I rode Maggie.  She was also exceptionally good and we rode all over the pasture, including by the road. Also including some trotting. We were all brave.

On Maggie. If you blow up the picture,  you can just see Max behind the IBC tote behind the barn.

Both horses were really good for me.  There was some slight arguments to head back towards the barn, but the conversation went more like:

Horse: "Hey, lets go this way" *pulls a bit towards the barn*
Me: "No" *slight nudge*
Horse: "Oh, okay" *grumpy ears*


The horse left behind screamed their head off though.  But no hollering from the horse that I was riding.  So yay?

On Monday, I also took each of them separately for a walk through our woods.  I wanted desperately to take them through the creek, but I didn't think ahead and my footwear was not meant for cold water.  It was Maggie's first time back there.  They both did very well. Max was a little more pushy and on edge, but there was no run and bolt from either of them.  They were both a little more forward on the long stretch back to the barn. But again, no shenanigans. I'm sure the pit stops for grass helped sooth those poor starving souls.


  1. Those are some seriously adorable ears!!

  2. Ha ha. The mule has also tried to outgrow her girth recently.


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