Monday, July 20, 2015

Frustrated Pony

Since half our barn is currently stuffed full of hay, I've been using a halter to bring Max in and out of the barn. The aisle is now only wide enough for either one person, or one horse, but not both, side-by-side. 

Max loves his halter. All I have to do is hold it open and he shoves his nose into it. However, I've noticed he gets frustrated when something goes wrong. Like when the lead rope slips from my arm before I can get the crown over his ears, or the throatlatch flips under and gets caught on the side of his cheek and I have to readjust.   He glares at me when this happened. It's like the fat pony version of the mare glare. He's impatient and knows the halter generally means something good is coming. In most cases, it's pasture time.

Not the fat pony mare glare. More like a "there's hay about a foot away from my mouth. Give it to me now, glare.


  1. lol mine gets annoyed too - esp at the grazing muzzle tho, as that most definitely does NOT mean something good is coming!

  2. Hahaaha, I know that glare all too well!


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