Friday, July 24, 2015

Link Love

Posting mostly for my own reference:

KEP Italia: Buyer Beware @ The $900 Facebook Pony - A helmet is destroyed on impact and the company's response is to call the rider a liar and threaten to sue over defamation.

 How to Help Your Spouses Sanity If You Get Smushed By A Bus @ She Moved To Texas - Not really horse related, but it's very important for everyone to have a plan if you die.  Even if you don't have a partner, it would be helpful for your friends and family to have easy access to this information.

10 Things to Give Up to be Happy @ Viva Carlos:  Great list. This might go along with #10, but I would add, "Give up caring about what other people think."

Fear @ A Enter Spooking:   Fear and anxiety are a big part of my riding. This post is very well thought out and helps explain some of the anxiety I feel. I especially like the section on rational vs. irrational fear. I could (and should), write a post on my own fears. It might help to clear things up in my own head.


  1. excellent collection of posts - finally caught up enough now to have read all of these and they were all great!

  2. I love those posts - especially Megan's post about fear and Amanda's report on the whole KEP ordeal.


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