Monday, August 31, 2015

Switching things up

I had intended on riding, or at least doing something with the pony on Saturday.  He got to go out to the pasture in the late morning instead of the late afternoon.  It was supposed to rain that evening and we had plans anyways.  So, when he came back in, I was busy scrubbing buckets and other stuff. By the time I finished I was tired and a little sore, and the pony was standing in his stall doorway mostly asleep. I forget that the early afternoon is his nap time. Because grazing for four hours is such hard work. I nixed that idea in favor of my own nap in the cool house.

Old photo. I interrupted naptime.

Now it's getting hot again.  Pregnancy + heat makes for a cranky me, but I am determined.  Today, I plan on working him in-hand in the paddock for a little bit before turning him out to the pasture. I suspect he will not be happy about this as it will disrupt his routine, especially since this routine involves food.  But I also feel like mixing things up would be good for him. I won't be riding since D won't be home until later in the evening. Maybe once he comes home and Max has had his grain, I will pop up. 

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  1. ehhh sometimes i think it's good to shake up their routines a little - keep 'em guessing ;)


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