Sunday, January 17, 2016

New Year, New Life

Long time, no post.  The big news is that baby O is here!  He was born on January 3rd, so between that and the holidays, things have been crazy. 

The pony is feral.  My sister-in-law came down to cook and play with O the other night.   She rode Max for a bit while I watched. She's a much better rider and way more confident than me. It's a good thing she did because now I know what I'm in for. The feral beast tried some evasion tactics which included bucking and bolting. My SIL handled it well, but seeing that did nothing for my confidence. It did, however, solidify my roundpen idea.  Once the ground thaws this spring, I'm going to put a simple one in. She did say that he was a good ride and was trying to be a good boy.

I made a post with my 2016 goals. It can be found here.  I don't think it was published in the feed, but is linked off to the side bar on my blog.

Max got an Uncle Jimmy's lik-it thingie from my mom for Christmas. I ended up having to move it because he got frustrated with not being able to get a hold of the thing.  But he loves it now.

I can taste it! 

But I can't bite it. Help! You do it!


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