Monday, March 14, 2016

I continue to live

I continue to live and have a horse.  I haven't done much with said horse recently, but some work has been done. A couple of weeks ago, I worked with Max again with lunging.  I was pretty darn impressed with him. It was a nice windy day with at least two houses near by doing target practice. Boy wasn't really spooky, though it was hard to keep his attention on me. He did try to evade by doing his buck/bolt thing on the line, but I was able to hold on and yelled at him to whoa...which he actually did. Good boy! 

The paddock was slick with mud, but I decided to pop on him bareback just to see where my own balance was after having the baby.  He wasn't fazed at all, but my core leaves something to be desired. We only did one lap and that was enough. I was glad I got off when I did because shortly after there was a big cannon-like boom.  We still don't know what it was, but there have been other booms since and I heard some law enforcement agency is investigating. Local theories are explosives or aliens. 

Derpy pony is derpy

More recently, Max met Baby O.  He wasn't impressed once he realized Baby O neither had treats nor was he edible. Or, at least that I wouldn't allow Max to get close enough to try.


  1. glad to hear all is well (aside from those bizarre booms tho....) :)


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