Sunday, February 7, 2016

Ground work

Baby O is keeping me quite busy. I haven't had much time to see the yak let alone work with him. I managed about 30 minutes a couple of weeks ago and 45 minutes today. The boy needs a  refresher. Both times we worked on leading, personal space and not diving for grass. The grass has been a constant struggle.

Two weeks ago he spooked and took off bucking while we were lunging.  I wasn't able to hold on so he got rewarded with pasture time while I went to retrieve him.  He tried a similar stunt today but I managed to hold on. I'm proud to say that after that incident he was really good on the lunge.

Today we also worked on yielding and standing still for mounting. I didn't actually get on but just stood up on the block. I'm surprised at how good he was today.  It was windy and felt like an early spring day where you'd expect a fresh horse.  There was also someone doing target practice nearby. He was a good boy.


  1. naughty bolting pony! glad he got better tho

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