Friday, February 10, 2017

I tried...

Last Sunday was generally lovely, aside from the wind. I had a notion in my head to see what Maggie would do under saddle out of the fenced in pasture.  The TL:DR version is that I have some ideas of what I need to do and how to do them.

We started out in the pasture and ended up in the front yard. She was being good, if a bit lookie.  Then we tried to cross the driveway and head back into the woods. This is when she decided to fight me, back up when I put leg on, and just generally not go forward. Eventually I got her going forward, hopped off and decided to hand walk her into the woods.  At this point my husband joined us.  I hopped back on to cross the creek since I didn't have proper footwear.  He hopped on her on the other side. She was very forward and fighting him a bit, but didn't really do anything bad again other than hollering. 

When we headed back, I hopped back on to cross the creek.  My husband ended up holding on to the lead rope attached to her halter bridle while I tried slow her down. She was very forward and pushing through the bit. I probably should have started to circle her where I could on the trail, but I was so afraid of her running through the bit and bolting. There was much hollering on her part, Max back at the barn, and eventually the neighbor's horse joined in too.

Finally standing still. Yes, my riding is this bad right now.

We went back into my little "arena" in the pasture and she started getting very impatient. She would not stand still, head tossing, pawing. I was getting frustrated. I circled her and made her move until she could stand still for a few seconds, then hopped off.

I realize that I haven't done much work with either of them lately (Maggie, really ever since getting her last June). I can't expect to let them lay about, hop on and have an awesome ride.  They both need more regular work.  My plan moving forward is do start doing groundwork and riding in the pasture when I'm able. Right now that can only happen on the weekends when the weather is half decent.  But maybe once DST hits, I can start doing more work with them in the evenings after the kid goes to bed.

I also question my bit choices. Both go in a double jointed eggbutt snaffle right now.  They were both lesson ponies several years ago, then pretty much sat around for a year or two before I picked them up.  I wonder if they are somewhat dead to a mild bit.  Or they don't like the double joints.  Maybe a mullen mouth with a port.  I just don't know.

I also desperately need to get back into riding shape. As can be seen in the picture, I am leaning forward.  And doing this a lot.  It's probably both defensive and because I lack core strength. My legs are another issue, but always have been in the past too.


  1. First rides out after a break are always a little tough. In sure with a little more work and repetition she will figure out what's up quickly!! Also I don't think your position is anything to be upset about! Tho I wonder if shorter stirrups would help give you a more secure base and feeling?

    1. Also Maggie remains, as ever, super cute!

    2. I might try shorter stirrups. My last riding instructor kept telling me to lengthen them, so I've gotten use to longer ones.


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