Friday, February 3, 2017

Saturday Fun

If fun is spending two hours with three years worth of barn dust falling in your face. We don't have true electricity running to the barn yet.  Right now, we just run an extension cord down from the house.  During the summer, this usually isn't a problem since the barn has clear ridge panels (light) and the water doesn't freeze.However, in winter we need to keep two heated buckets running and have some sort of light to feed by.  Before Saturday, I had to rely on a single lamp at one end of the barn and a flashlight for the other end. Over the weekend, I found myself child free for a few hours and strung up a bunch of white Christmas lights all over the barn. It's festive and certainly helps, but didn't give me as much light as I was hoping for.  I can't wait to get real lights in there.

At least it's festive!  Both horses had their noses buried in their feed buckets.

After I strung up the lights and dusted myself off as much as possible I decided to take Maggie for a walk.  We have a new neighbor a little ways down that has a horse (yay!). She's been going around to other neighbors asking to ride across their property, including ours. I hadn't tested out Maggie in the creek yet and really wanted to get her feet wet.  Our spot to get into the creek is currently blocked by a tree that came down, so I wandered down to the new neighbors and used her area to get in. Maggie walked right in without issue. She even played a little in the water with her nose. We I decided to keep going on the other side and check out the neighbors trails. Maggie was trying so hard to be good.  Max was hollering back home for most of the time.  Maggie started hollering when Max finally stopped for a few minutes, but was mostly quiet for the walk.  She was on alert for most of the walk, but never balked or spooked. She was extremely interested in the big field nearby. My only complaint would be her trying to walk ahead of me. She never rushed, but was pushing a little. I resorted to swinging the lead rope in front of us and let her whack herself on the nose when she got too far ahead.  I need to get across the creek on our property and start bushwacking some more trails back there.  The far part is so full of thorns it's hard to walk through there.

Now, I just need the confidence to ride her back in the woods.

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  1. Yay for new neighbors and new trails! Maggie looks like a sweetie out there!!! Definitely worth a little ride - at least now you know if it doesn't go well you can always hop off and lead!!


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