Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Linky Love

How Old is My Horse in "Human Years"? - Originally posted by Dressage Hafl.: Max is well into middle age, but not quite elderly.

King Mufasa's win stirs emotions at Illinois State Fair harness racing -  No matter your stance on racing, this is a pretty amazing story.

An Open Letter To Horse People via Poor Woman Showing -AMEN!  This is why I chose the barn I did when I first got Max and had to board. Actually, before that, when I started lessons. I wanted a no-nonsense barn with minimum of this gossipy BS.  It still goes on, but has a much more relaxed atmosphere than some show barns around here.

My Cubicle - via A Collection of Madcap Escapades - I just think this whole thing is pure awesome!  From outfitting a big camper to the whole idea of the bringing a reduced spay/neuter to low income areas.

Horse Forums...An Inevitable Train Wreck - via The Idea of Order - A web comic that perfectly explains why I tend not to participate in forums aside from reading. 

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