Thursday, September 10, 2015


This is a delayed post. I thought it had posted last week, but I guess not.  

I rode Max the other day in the paddock since my husband was home early from work. It was hot, sunny, humid and very buggy, so we kept it short. We went over the bridge several times in different directions. I wasn't brave enough to try it on the teeter totter yet, but I will soon. We worked on leg yielding, which he did somewhat well. To the right is more sticky than to the left. For some reason, he did it well the first step. Then when I asked later, he just couldn't get it.

"Sigh....I want to go that way, not be ridden"

Pony is also very out of shape. We did a slow, slow trot each direction a couple of times and he grunted for most of it. I love his slow trot. It's so easy to sit bareback.  It's not at all correct or pretty, but it feels smooth to me. Next year I need to get him into more of a collected working trot since we've gotten into the slow trot habit. Ooops.
I kept trying to get a photo of his cute face before I bridled, but Max insisted on sniffing my belly.  It was amusing.

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  1. lol goofy Max! i'd be nervous to try a teeter totter too (esp since my mare has never even seen one haha)


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