Monday, January 12, 2015

TOABH: Wish We Could

Another great blog hop from The Owls Approve

Let's pretend that financial restrictions don't exist and logistics isn't a nightmare.  If you could do anything with your Ponykins, what would you do?

In my dreams...

 Let's also pretend that I'd have a perfect, well behaved Haflinger.  Right now I want nothing more than to take Max to a warm ocean beach and run through the surf.

My reality....
Jan 12, 2015
Everything it sleeted/glazed/snowed all night, so everything was covered in ice this morning.  Apparently, Max spent some time out in the open because he was quite wet.

Otherwise, I'd love to go trail ride out west. Foxhunting is also on my list, though I'm not a jumper.


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