Friday, February 6, 2015

January 2015 Goals: How Did I Do?

So, how did I do with my 2015 goals in January? 

The short answer is not so good.

It's hard to get motivated when the snow is blowing around.

Goals for Max:
- Improve leg yields
: We worked on this a little under saddle.
- Get a decent turn on the forehand and haunches: Worked on this mostly on the ground.
- Work on some trail obstacles: We went though brush and worked on backing an L

Goals for Me:
- Continue lessons in some fashion:
No lessons. My instructor doesn't have an indoor, so lessons are on hold.
- Be able to sit the canter under saddle: I didn't work on this. I haven't been riding in a saddle lately.
- Build/set up some trail obstacles: Yes!  I set up an L. Then my husband deconstructed it without telling me. 
- Ride the pony with the goal of working on something, at least once per week*: I've only ridden him twice this year with a goal in mind.
- Doing groundwork or lunging at least once per week**: Did this once during the month. 

Snowy (and dirty) pony bubble butt.

Other Goals:***
- Have at least one lesson on Max
- Take Max off property at least once for a trail ride

No trailer, so no progress on the other goals. 

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