Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Weekend

This past weekend was very horsey for me.

Saturday was the annual Horseman's Forum at Purdue University.  This year's topics were great and I learned so much.  Much better than last years.  There were discussions about forage quality, trailer and hitch safety, care considerations for older horses, and vaccinations relevant to our area. I learned so much and the speakers answered questions I didn't even know I had. 

Western saddle, english bridle, snaffle bit and cotton reins. This says something about me, I'm just not sure what yet.

We also had a beautiful weekend and the weather was warm.  Sunday morning I rode Max in western.  He has such a nice little western pleasure trot when he feels like doing it.  We ended up working a lot on consistency.  He would go nice, then speed up, especially when we were facing the barn.  He was also tripping quite a bit, but I think it's because his feet are getting long. Due to the weather, the farrier hasn't been able to make it out for a while. We still did a lot of trotting to start getting back into shape.

I do think he's starting to get the idea of moving those back legs over under saddle.  He didn't quite make it while I was riding, but came very close.  We did it well from the ground though.

Work is crazy this week. But if it's not too cold and I can get home before dark, I might be able to get some ground work in this week. That would put be back on track with my goals.

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  1. The University of Georgia has a Horse Owners' Seminar every summer and it sounds very similar to what you attended - we learn horsie stuff. I wish everywhere offered something like this!


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