Monday, February 9, 2015

TOABH: Idiosyncrasies

This week's blog hop from The Owls Approve.

What personality quirks does your pony have?  What makes him or her special?
 Where do I begin?  Most of Max's idiosyncrasies revolve around food.  First, whenever I come home, he meets me at the corner of his paddock and gives me "the stare".
The stare
Then he will whinny when I actually get out of my car, or come out of the house, or even open the house door to let the dog out. Or when someone else pulls up and gets out of their car, or any other time he thinks he will get food.  He loves his food. 

While I'm getting food ready, he paces. In and out of the stall, then a quick loop around the paddock and back to the stall. He learned very quickly that he has to move away before I'll dump the grain in his bucket.  He knows to stand outside his stall until I have the hay bags hung.  Smart boy. 

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