Monday, February 2, 2015

TOABH: Self-Actualized

Another great blog hop from The Owls Approve!

Assuming that your horse has absolutely everything he needs (food, bedding, a warm stall, plenty of blankets, and a pasture mate he neither humps, maims nor gets abused by),  what does your horse need to be the best version of himself?

Be sure to check out the original post linked above for a full explanation. It includes a nice graphic.

First, I think he needs to have better respect.  He is constantly testing me and trying to get his own way.  We are constantly working on maintaining space as well as doing what I tell him to do, when I know he knows better. The perfect example of this is grass snatching. He knows he's not supposed to, but still does. 
Pony says "F- this weather. Imma stay out in the rain/snow/sleet"

The second one I'm borrowing from Beka since it also applies to me and that's rider confidence.  I'm still a fairly green rider but feel I have a decent seat.  I'm constantly questioning if what I'm doing is the correct way to train him, or if my timing is too slow, and the list goes on.  I can also be a bit nervous under saddle which transfers to him and ties into his respect and confidence.  Yesterday, my husband and I drove to a local trail for a quick hike. The up hill side of the trail is paved for hikers/bikers/strollers, etc. The downhill/ditch side is a horse trail for a couple of miles.  All I could think about were all the things that would possibly spook Max. There were dogs barking, cattle on one side of the fence, mud, low branches (to knock me off when he bolts).  The pedestrian trail is also elevated, so having people with dogs and bikes whirring by above his head won't help things either.

See...rider confidence. 

It got foggy after it stopped raining/snowing.  Today it's just really cold.


  1. Found you through the blog hop. I really like Haffies and can't wait to follow along with your adventures. Re: The rider confidence - that's me too!

    1. Thanks! I'll be reading your blog too. When I was looking for a horse, I went to try out a Welsh at a near by breeder. They're lovely!

  2. Oh, god, I am perpetually looking for things for Archie to spook at. I'm scared enough for the both of us.


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