Friday, February 27, 2015

Weekly Summary - Feb 27, 2015

Not much has been going on here.  Saturday I was still not feeling well and decided not to ride.  Later that afternoon my husband and I went out and built snow mounds in the paddock and put some carrots in them. I think Max enjoyed the diversion and the treats.  It was also the day I realized that he's starting to shed. Spring is on its way!
Om nom nom

Sunday wasn't too bad, but decided not to ride.

Monday it got colder but I did a mini desensitizing lesson with the pony. I brought out my umbrella to see how he would do.  He just kept trying to eat it.  I think I can count this as a +1 towards my obstacle goals.

Max says "Stop the shenanigans, just feed me already"

Tuesday was miserable.  I don't think it got above 10F and the wind really picked up in the afternoon.  The roads were starting to drift over. Max was a little crazy about the wind and was bucking and trotting around while I was getting his grain.

Wednesday, it was a tiny bit warmer so I decided to go on a quick ride. I threw on the bareback pad and we wandered around the pasture, then the woods for a bit. He was fairly good for me, just a little impatient to get back to the barn for his grain.
Too much ice to cross the creek. He's not disappointed.

 Friday was windy and snowy but we got a beautiful sunset along with more snowfall.

Yes, it's snowing with the sun out.

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