Monday, March 2, 2015

TOABH: Ermahgerd

It's week 13 of Beka's blog hop series at The Owls Approve.

What is your pony's absolute favorite riding activity?  What makes those little ears perk and causes the knees to lift?  Let's just focus on the favorites - we'll save the bucks for next week.

Honestly, Max's favorite part of riding is probably the mounting block, for dismounting that is.  He's not really barn sour, but if you let him, he will take you back to the mounting block.  Subtlety is not his thing.

He goes to the mounting bucket on his own.

I still haven't figure out what he truly enjoys doing.  I do think he might enjoy jumping but I'm not really a jumper.  He's very willing to jump and has done it to avoid the tiny muddy "ditch" out back. He has also jumped a few things while on a lunge line. There was the mounting block when I wasn't paying attention, several ground poles that he should have trotted over, and a small cross rail just to see what he did.

He will also go to the stall doors at dinner time. Not a subtle pony.

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  1. I love that he knows what he wants. No more work and food. I wish they all spoke their minds that clearly.


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