Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Crazy Week

So, a lot has been going on over the last week or so.  There's not much of an update on the pony though.

Last week I went on vacation to Puerto Rico. That was awesome.  What was not awesome was the unbelievably horrible Monday, also the day we left.

Best Buds. They do everything together, especially begging for food.

Two hours before we were to leave for the airport, I went out to feed.  And found Cinderella the llama, horribly lame.  Her back foot was completely limp and just hanging there.  I felt it slightly and could feel bone fragments moving around.  Thankfully, there weren't any breaks in the skin.  I called the vet and left him a panicked voice mail and text. He got back to me fairly quickly and told us to go ahead and leave, he would come out and do what he could and get back to me. I made her as comfortable as possible in Max's stall (his has mats and stays drier in rain) and rearranged so everything would be ready for the person watching the critters and the vet. There was some quick discussion on the phone about putting her down, but I could not deal with that right now.  First, Max would just be a mess since he would be alone for a week. Secondly, what to do with the body.  It was supposed to get hot and I can't just leave it there while we were gone. I have plans, but those all involve me or my husband being there to oversee things.  So I told the vet to do what he could to manage pain and make her as comfortable as possible. Which seems to be working for now.

Bandage is holding up well.

So far she seems to be doing okay-ish.  It's a wait and see game. It will all depend on if or how well the bone heals over the next couple of weeks. Thankfully, llamas are not like horses who need use of all 4 legs. so her laying down all the time or simply not using the leg isn't as big of a concern.

Max has been very excited to see me.  So excited that I'm wondering if my caretaker was feeding him treats while I was gone. He's been trying to mug me over the stall wall way more than normal.  I'm also wondering if switching stalls and having Cinderella locked up has stressed him a bit.  It looks like he may have started to rub out his mane again. Last year, he started doing it in February. This year, he hasn't been doing it at all until now. It could also be the new fly spray I put on him before I left, or there are some new, irritating bugs beginning to emerge.

He was so happy to get some grass after a week that he didn't move far from this spot. Note the scraggly looking mane.

Friday, I'll have a continuation of the horrible Monday and some vacation photos.

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  1. oh no - poor Cinderella!! i wonder how on earth she did that... my fingers are seriously crossed that the bone knits together and that she recovers !! :(


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