Friday, June 5, 2015

Product Review: Hay Hoop

My dilemma:  I'm lazy, especially when I'm already running late for work in the morning. Also, Max inhales his food and wastes hay

The first solution: Slow feed hay nets. The problem I had with these was hanging them. The quick release knots were difficult to release fully and I got tired of yanking on them.  Plus, filling them is always a pain. Eventually, I just started tossing hay into the stall counting on his pig like nature to clean up scrap hay. Only, he didn't and it resulted in a lot of wasted hay.

My next option: The Hay Hoop Collapsible Wall Hay Feeder. I must admit that I was a little wary at first.  Would he pull the thing out of the wall in his manic need to get the hay?  Would he use it as a scratching post and rip out his mane or rub off his fur?  Would the net stay in the little curly hook things?   Could I rig it so he and Cinderella could share the hoop instead of buying two? They mostly shared hay as it was since Max kept popping out the one stall board anyways.

Quality Control. He was supervising the installation

For the most part, I love it. It's easy to flip it down, stuff some hay in it, and secure it shut.  If Max has been using it as a scratching post, I can't tell. It's very secure on the board.  The net has never come off the hooks. Both Max and Cinderella can share the net safely the way I have it positioned.

They can both eat from the hay hoop!  Cinderella can also get between the slats up top.

A few small things I don't like:
-I need to add hay in stages. The 3 or so flakes won't fit in at once.  It's not that big of a deal, but like I said above...I'm lazy.
-It didn't come with a net. Maybe it said this on Amazon, but I don't remember seeing it.
-Sometimes it can be difficult to line up the hoop with the latch. I've gotten a finger caught between the two a couple of times and it hurts!  This mostly happened in winter when I could barely feel my fingers anyways.

Overall, I love it and would recommend it for the lazy person such as myself.

Note: This was a review I did on my own. I wasn't compensated in any way. 

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  1. interesting! i kinda loathe filling up hay nets...but i hate wasted hay more so they're a necessity haha


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