Friday, June 12, 2015

Photo Friday: Puerto Rico

 Quick update: Cindy is still doing okay.  She was excited to get her grain tonight, but still holding that leg way up when she first gets up from the ground. I don't know how she broke it. My first thought was Max kicked her, but the location and lack of skin injury makes me think that's not what happened. Part of me wonders if she was kicking at Max or flies and hit the wall awkwardly.  Or she was twisting around to move and it got caught in mud.  This is one of those things that I will never have the answer to.

Pony is pony. what can I say.

Last week the husband and I took a trip to Puerto Rico.  It was awesome.
Rain over San Juan.

A view from El Morro in Old San Juan

Another shot from El Morro

Lots of sea urchins hiding in tidal pools on rocks. D managed to step on one at another beach.

One of several waterfalls at El Yunque in the rainforest.

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  1. your PR photos are awesome - that is really one of my favorite ever places and i want to go back so badly!

    also glad to hear Cinderella seems to be holding up ok. she's very much in my thoughts!


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