Friday, May 8, 2015

Friday Ramblings

What has happened this week?  Let's see. My plan to ride Monday came to a screeching halt. First, my lesson was canceled due to a sick instructor. It started to thunder shortly after getting home while the sun was out. Then it stormed, hard, for the rest of the evening. I hate storms. There was one point when I really thought a tornado was coming. When it finally stopped raining and I went out, Max was acting crazy. I'm sure the hail on the metal roof didn't help that at all.

Also, Monday I got stuck in an elevator at work and had a hawk swoop down above my head (also at work).  Monday was not a great day.

 Tuesday I had a last minute make up lesson. Due to it being last minute, I wasn't completely prepared and had to keep things at a walk.  Sometimes being larger in the chest area is not so good.  I rode the haflinger and we worked on straightness and bending. I think I finally understand how a good bend is supposed to feel. Yay!  Then we went on a trail ride around the property for fun. We saw interesting birds neither of us could ID and had some deer jump out very close to us. Surprisingly, neither horse spooked. Good ponies!

Wednesday, I just put the ponies out and did some chores around the house. The chicks finally went into their outdoor temporary coop and survived the night.  I don't think they're enjoying it yet.

Thursday was another barn day. I had to watch the tack shop for a few hours after work and got to play with all the ponies.

Not sure what Friday or the weekend will bring. We will spend the day at my in-laws on Saturday for Mother's day, plus fill that trailer up with hay. Sunday, we will be with my mom. It's supposed to storm all weekend too.

Oh, and I may have bought a new-to-me saddle to replace my close contact.

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  1. your horse is adorable with that tarp! also i know what ya mean about not being prepared attire-wise for riding... super annoying! glad it was a productive lesson anyway


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