Friday, May 1, 2015

Product Review: Heart To Horse Box - April 2015

My Heart to Horse box finally arrived in the mail late last week.  I was very excited to get it. It's like getting a birthday present each month. You don't know what it will be, but know it will be good.

This month was another well thought out box focusing on getting ready for spring and summer.

Cost: $34.99 with free shipping. And 25% of the proceeds go to a horse rescue. If you sign up for the auto ship, the cost is only $31.50 with free shipping. Like last time, I will list the retail price as well as the 15% off price in parentheses, since always seems to offer a discount.

Shapleys Original MTG: 8 oz bottle $7.49 ($6.37) - I'm almost out of my big bottle of MTG, so I was glad to see this.  Max hates it, but I do think it helped his mane to grow out after he rubbed it out last spring.

Cell Phone Case: $12.99 ($11.04). I actually have this same case, except it's blue with multicolored horses.  It's always on my belt when I'm riding, just in case.  It has both a belt loop and a hook in case you don't have a belt, or want to hook it onto something else. (There's a picture of a headstall in addition to the case when you click the link. I have no idea why).

Tough-1 Cotton Lead:  $7.88 ($6.70). I received the one with two shades of blue (my favorite color). It's a nice, soft lead.

Kensington CatchMask: $29.99 ($25.49). Mine is a large bay color. It has an oval hole that goes through the layers of velcro that you can attach a lead rope to. Neat concept. It looks like it might be too big for Max and I question how snugly it will fit around the head. I will give it a try.

Car Air Freshener: Bonus - I couldn't find this on the site, so it counts as a bonus item. I really need this for my stinky car.

Total Value: $58.35 ($49.60 with 15% discount). Plus you'd have to pay shipping. And don't forget that 25% of the proceeds go to a horse rescue group.

Overall, I'd say this was another well thought out box.  I didn't particularly need any of these, but it's nice to have extra lead ropes and fly masks on hand. I'll be starting a pile of things I won't use. It will either be doled out as gifts or donated to the therapeutic riding place.

*note*: I pay for this box myself. I don't get any compensation from for posting this.

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  1. interesting! lots of good practical stuff too - and i kinda love that phone case!


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