Friday, May 29, 2015

Heart to Horse Box May 2015 Review

Another Heart To Horse Box came late last week. This was an awesome box that focused mostly on fly season.

Cost: $34.99 with free shipping. And 25% of the proceeds go to a horse rescue. If you sign up for the auto ship, the cost is only $31.50 with free shipping. Like last time, I will list the retail price as well as the 15% off price in parentheses, since always seems to offer a discount.

Absorbine UltraSheild Sport (32oz):  $20.99 ($17.84) -  A big bottle of fly spray.  It says it will last for 14 days and is resistant to sweat.  Frankly, I'm skeptical, but I love that they sent a huge bottle of this stuff. I've been meaning to get some of the more heavy duty fly spray to use while trail riding. Hopefully this will do the job.

Fleece Mitt: $4.88 ($2.97) - For applying fly spray to the face.

Swat - Clear (6oz): $11.59 ($9.49) - This is always good to have on hand. Thankfully, Max is good about keeping himself free of scrapes and cuts. Hopefully I won't have to use it any time soon. I do have the pink version already, but was told you shouldn't leave it on them while they're outside. But you can do this with the clear.

Finish Line U7 Gastric Aid Syringe: $9.99 ($8.49) - Honestly, I don't know what this is for. I will have to do some reading. Max may or may not get it.

TuffRider Boot Socks: $7.95 ($6.76) - Mine had different colored stripes than what is seen online. I love colorful socks and always need more knee high socks.

Rescue Fly Tape $4.49 ($3.82) - Pack of 3. This is something to hang in the barn. I'm hoping they might be able to catch a couple of these nasty boring bees that are always flying around. However, I don't think this tape was meant for that.

Bonus Item: A sample of Palletable Psyllium Pellets. It's something I will use as a treat for Max.

Total Value: $59.89 ($49.37 with 15% discount). Plus you'd have to pay shipping. And don't forget that 25% of the proceeds go to a horse rescue group.

Overall, another well thought out box. I appreciate all the fly control items. The only item I may or may not use is the paste, but that's mostly out of ignorance. Once I do some reading, Max may get the dose. Otherwise, nothing will be going into my "won't use/doesn't fit" pile.

*note*: I pay for this box myself. I don't get any compensation from for posting this.


  1. It has NEVER occurred to me to use a fleece mitt to apply fly spray to the face. GENIUS.

  2. lots of good stuff here! i would probably use the paste in preparation for a show day or travel or something like that, maybe. not really sure tho! also i never heard that you shouldn't put pink swat on a horse that's outside. the gnats get at my mare's belly something awful so i've just been smearing the pink stuff all over...


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