Monday, May 18, 2015

New Saddle

A couple of weeks ago I found a great deal on a saddle package through a Facebook group. I got a Wintec Pro Endurance with the wide tree, and a bunch of other stuff for the trail. I've been eying something like it for a while, and when this came up, I jumped.  The saddle came last Monday. Despite me not feeling well, I had to know if the saddle would fit and it did!  I didn't test ride it due to being sick and not wanting to actually finish tacking him up.

Plotting pony says, "I don't like that saddle over there. You know it's windy out, right?:

So, later that week I had to try the saddle. We didn't do more than walk around the paddock and sit for a while. The leathers that came with it were way to short for me, so I ditched them. Overall, I think I like the saddle, but the seat might be to big for me. I need to put my other leathers on it and actually ride around in it to get a better feel though. When I was sitting there, it didn't feel like I had anything behind me. Maybe I am too use to the western saddle now. Maybe this would be good for getting a better position. I think the cantle on my close contact pushes me too forward, so theoretically this would help. We shall see.

His ears were up!

Frumpy pony says "I just want dinner"
This saddle also came with a pad with two giant pockets.  It will replace my mouse eaten pad for now.

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  1. hope you like it! i rode in a wintec for a super long time and always felt pretty comfortable in it, except it didn't do my jumping position any favors (or fit the horse, oops). was great for trail riding tho!


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