Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Heart to Horse Box - March 2015

I've been wanting to try a subscription box for a while now. They have always looked like a lot of fun.  I considered a fiber club for my spinning, but didn't think I could keep up and didn't want to keep adding to my already large fiber stash. The Pony Box or Horse Box looked interesting, then I kept reading bad reviews.  I was tempted to try the Heart to Horse box from when it first came out, but wanted to wait to see what they included and what others thought.  Then I went to purchase the February box, but they were sold out!  Boo.  So finally, I got the March box.

This month's box was very well thought out.  It focused on grooming and was perfect for this time of year.  I will use everything, and very soon.

The opened box.

For my price list, I listed the retail price with the 15% discount price in parentheses. I did this because I've never been to the website and not gotten at least that much off, if not more. 

Cost: $34.99 with free shipping. And 25% of the proceeds go to a horse rescue.

Everything that was in the box minus the coupons

 -Majesty's Omega Wafers: $24.99 ($20.82) - They sent a full package which is a one - two month supply (60 wafers).  Bonus: Made in America according to the package. These are not meant for treats and you are only supposed to give one to two wafers per day. They are full of various omega fatty acids.  Max is already getting a supplement with some added omegas, so he might only get 1 wafer a day. If he's good. I can't wait to try these.

- Wahl Pocket Pro Trimmer: $18.95 (12.99) - Mine came in blue. Used for any light duty precision trimming such as around the eyes, whiskers, or muzzles.  Bonus (maybe): Battery operated so no cords to get in the way and it came with a battery. I don't groom my horse to the degree where I would really need this item. But I will definitely keep it around in case I need it for checking an odd lump, shaving around cuts if needed, or maybe trimming a bridle path. Though, I'm not sure it could handle the thickness of Max's mane.

-Roma Gel Mane and Tail Brush: $11.99 ($7.64) - This came in purple. I really did need a new mane brush. This one looks pretty sturdy, but has the stiff yet flexible brushy bits (prongs?) that I like.

-Roma Heart Shaped Curry: $2.19 ($1.69) - Came in light blue with glitter.  I have several curry combs and I can't get enough. I might be becoming a curry comb-aholic, curry comb hoarder....perfect for my little collection of combs. :)  But it's more triangle shaped than heart shaped in my opinion. 

-Farnam Slick 'N Easy Grooming Block: $3.99 ($3.39) - I've never used one of these, but will definitely try it on Max.  He's shedding like crazy, but still has so much coat left. Maybe it will help.

Bonus Items: Items that aren't really worth money in the same sense the other items were

-Isle of Dogs treat samples (3 heart shaped cookies) - says it's 100% natural, made in America, Gluten free.
-Some discount codes for saddle pads, clippers, Kool Coat and WeatherBeeta, and the standard 15% off at
-There's also a card with a blurb about a horse at the rescue the proceeds are supporting this month. 

Total Value: $62.11 ($46.35 with 15% discount). Plus you'd have to pay shipping.

Om nom nom "I love those treats!"
 Overall, I am very pleased with the value and the items that were included. I'm not disappointed about anything.  It's a very well thought out box and perfect for spring. I might just sign up for a 3 month subscription. 


  1. That looks like a great box! I subscribe to Horse Box, which can be kind of hit-or-miss when it comes to content (sometimes I'll get really useful or fun items, sometimes I get calming pastes and feed samples).


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