Friday, March 27, 2015

Riding this Week

It was beautiful again on Saturday My husband was out of town, so I had plenty of time to get stuff done.  I mostly finished putting up the new electric rope and started taking down the temporary fence. Max got some grazing time and a tail wash.  I also managed to upgrade a couple of my ground poles.

Now I can actually see them on the ground.

Since Max was pretty calm, I decided to ride in the pasture. Two different neighbors around us were having target practice, so I didn't want to go into the woods.  It was like riding in the wild west. Max handled it well and wasn't spooky at all, even when a closer neighbor started up with an obnoxious wood working tool (maybe a lathe, it was annoying).

Proof we rode. I was trying to get Max, the cones, and the poles in one shot, but couldn't see my screen. This is as good as it got.

We worked on  bending on a circle with my updated ground poles, leg yielding around cones, and consistency at the trot. That boy has a nice little western trot if he would be consistent. He tends to speed up significantly if we start heading towards the barn.  It's really nice to be riding in a pasture now where I don't need to worry about him flipping out and jumping the line. he can certainly still bolt and go nuts, but it will be contained.

Recycled from Monday. Because he's too cute.

This week has been a weather roller coaster. 60s on Saturday to upper 30s Monday with rain/sleet/snow, back up to 60s by Wednesday then down to the low 40s Thursday with rain scattered through out. 

I'm developing some sort of a game plan to work with Max after last weeks fiasco.  My first step is going to lunge him in a rope halter with a 14' lead in the smaller paddock when its not too muddy.  I want to reinforce vocal commands and remind him that he doesn't have to act like a complete idiot when I ask for a little more energy at the trot on the line.  With the 14' lead I'll be keeping it at a walk and reinforcing the whoa command.  He responds reasonably well to vocal commands under saddle, but not so much otherwise.

I tried this on Tuesday. For the most part he did really well, but he is so easily distracted by potentially spooky things.  In this case, it was my husband out on the road coming back from a bike ride.  It was difficult to keep Max's focus on me. That's something else we need to work on, I'm just not sure how to tackle it just yet. Also need to work on going to the right. 

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