Friday, March 13, 2015

I'm Spoiled

This post was inspired by Lauren over at She Moved to Texas. Specifically, this post.

I have read many posts about horse owners who have trouble catching their horses in the pasture.  Max does spoil me in this regard. The worst he will do is pretend to ignore you and keep grazing while you walk up to him.  I've never seen him walk or run away from me. Quite the opposite actually.   If I'm doing something in the paddock, he will come over to supervise.  Picking up poop?  Multiple checks of the wheel barrel to see if I put anything good in.  Installing something new (most recently the hay hoop)?  Watches closely to make sure it's hanging straight.  Installing a new fence board?  Checking to make sure you don't drop any screws.

Last fall I was hauling some dirt around the pasture to fill in fence posts while he was out grazing.  He wasn't fazed at all by me coming somewhat close to him at a good clip.  God forbid I should dare put his grain in his bucket while he's still grazing. That results in some calling, and plowing through my wimpy electric line that normally contains him.

Nope.  Getting a hold of my pony is not an issue.  And I'm grateful.

Max: "I love you! Now feed me!" Cindy: "I might let you pet me if you give me grain...but probably not"

However Cinderella, the llama, is another story.

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  1. That's how it has been with Simon for years until this random turn of events recently. Jealous!


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