Monday, April 13, 2015

Another Weekend Ride

 Sunday we went for a ride and Max was a very good, yet frustrating boy. There were a bunch of kids running around next door and screaming in the woods. D was in the garage working on the ATV making noise.  I decided to stick to the paddock and pasture.  We mostly worked on consistent speed at the walk and trot as well as increasing the speed of each.  Holy hell is it difficult for me to get him into a working walk or working trot.  Actually, the working trot was easier than a working walk. He's such a pokey pony. 

We went longer and faster than last week.
 So, we need to work on both consistency and different speeds within each gait. I think I've been pushing the slow, western trot too much. Plus, he's just not fit and lazy. Hopefully he will be more willing once he gets a little more fit.
Green in the mane. Did he piss off Cinderella again?
Probably not. I found this while riding. It's full of haflinger fuzz.
D and I went to the Hoosier Horse Fair on Saturday.  It was a huge disappointment. I did get to see a little bit from Tommy Turvey, which was fun, and part of a cow work clinic by Al Dunning. But there were hardly any vendors and the one that might have some stuff I needed was so crowded and closed off, that I didn't even bother.  They did have a few trailer dealers there, but they were nowhere to be found amongst the trailers. We were hoping to talk to them about installation of a gooseneck hitch on our truck.  I heard the Rodeo that evening was a bust. There are a lot of people who were complaining on Facebook about the lack of everything. Next year, D and I are considering taking a long weekend to Ohio for Equine Affair.

OMG this hill* is so tough! I need to rush to make it to the top! *note* said "hill" is not a hill. You'd barely notice it while walking.

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