Monday, April 27, 2015


Max is not a patient pony.  Since he came to my home at the end of 2013, I have rarely had him tied, especially for longer than 5 minutes.  I haven't needed to.  Even when I boarded, I never left him alone long. The few times I did, he would stand at the wall, holler, and paw.  The one time I took him trail riding, he stood patiently for a few hours only because he had a bag full of hay to occupy himself.  I've no doubt he knows how to tie and be patient, he just hasn't had the chance to do it for a long time.

Well, now he's going to learn how to high line.  This happened over the weekend.

First, we started with this:

Dafuq?  You took me out of the lush pasture for dis shit!

Then, he realized this....
This is a little better, but the pasture is longer.
 Then, I look back out to the pasture to see Cinderella running around upset that Max had left.  She slipped through the electric rope before I could catch her and went over to the pony, so then this happened....

Cindy: "WTF! I should have stayed in the pasture."  Max: "Duh!"
There was much circling on both their parts. I also need to learn to tie a better quick release knot. Mine always seem to loosen when horses pull. Not a big deal yet, but it will matter in the future.

So, after I was assured that everyone wasn't going to flip out and strangle themselves, I decided to up the torture pressure. There have been plans brewing in my head for a new obstacle, but it involved power tools. What better time than now?  I set up near by and got to cutting wood. Other than some "oh woe is me" looks from them both, neither cared about the circular saw and my swearing at making bad cuts.

They were out maybe 45 minutes at most and did very well. I was pleased and plan on upping their times on the rope in the future.  Cinderella is going to be included since she is clearly more attached to Max than I thought.

On a side note, that is totally my front yard, complete with homemade chicken tractor.

On another side note, exciting news coming Wednesday. Eeeeee!!!!

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  1. haha i love their 'woe is me!' looks! glad they're handling the lessons well - tying is kind of an important skill lol


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