Friday, April 3, 2015

SFTS BH: Happy Place & Riding

  I really liked this question from Stories From The Saddle. 
What barn and/or horse chores put you in your happy place?

For some of us, it's the feeling of methodically and meticulously cleaning tack. For others, it's the repetition of braiding a mane. For others, it's the quiet moments of filling the water buckets or sweeping the barn aisle after everyone has left for the night. 
 Hands down, feeding. Specifically the evening feed. I love that Max calls out when he sees me (for food) and that he gets so excited to get his grain and hay. At least when I'm not planning on riding.I love the sound of them munching quietly on their hay.  In the morning, I usually just toss hay and run off to work, but in the evening, I usually have time to relax a little.  
I also really enjoy organizing things in the barn.  I get to do that again soon, since I will be putting winter equipment away and bringing out the summer stuff. I also need to put up more shelves and get through my pile of stuff that still needs a spot.  

Bikes can sometimes be scarey. At least he has his ears up for once.

In other news, I rode Tuesday and Wednesday this week, though they were short. Thursday it stormed all day and evening, and looks like it will rain most of Friday too. Yuck.

It looks like our neighbor's son will be building a house soon just to our north. For whatever reason, Max has been very concerned about the goings on up that way this week.  Tuesday, they were out pounding in poles to mark the corners.  Even though there wasn't any noise while we were riding, Max spooked and I came off again.  This time he just spun and walked off.  I was kind of mad because there was no reason for him to do that. I hopped back on and we worked on some leg yielding and called it a day. Note to self, quit being lazy and put on a damned saddle.

Wednesday, I got off work early since it was beautiful and I have to come in on Saturday (yay science!). Well, I lay down on the couch for a few minutes and woke up several hours later.  Ooops. So much for enjoying the beautiful day. By the time I got done with chores it was starting to get dark. I decided to enjoy the pony before the rain and cold came back, so I hopped on bareback (again...) and we plodded around the paddock instead of the pasture.  He was still being all looky to the north. Neighbors must have been out doing stuff during the day. He did good though. We did some trotting on the compact uneven ground and he didn't trip at all. Yay for ponies picking up their feet.  He didn't spook when my husband went riding by on his bike either. Or when I walked him by my bike coming back into the barn.   

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