Wednesday, April 1, 2015

March 2015 Review

How did I do with meeting my goals during March?

Riding:  March was the best month so far this year.

It started off bad, with Max more concerned about dinner than anything else.  We had a spin and bolt, which resulted in me flying off to the side and him galloping to the barn. Well,  maybe not galloping, but definitely cantering. This was followed by ice, snow, rain, and the resulting melting snow, making it difficult to ride.

The rest of the rides occurred on beautiful days. We mostly focused on leg yielding. I've been seeing some minor improvements.

Mr. Looky-loo on Tuesday, shortly before a spook and spin.

Groundwork:  Not so good
We only did groundwork a couple of times this month, both were lunging exercises. The one time was not productive and resulted in him taking off. I will likely back off and work in the paddock when it's not too muddy to get his head in the game.

Filthy creatures get a grooming and learn some patience, including the escape llama.

Obstacles:  Great!
The only true obstacle I worked on was updating some of my ground poles to make them more visible. However, I made great progress in getting the pasture fenced in.  I'm counting it as a +1 in my book. I also stuck some cones out that will stay there on a semi permanent basis. I need to find some smaller ones that my feet won't hit as we are walking by.

  • Continue working on yielding under saddle and from the ground
  • Work on consistency at walk and trot
  • Simply trot more for exercise
  • Work on figuring out and loosening my back
  • More obstacles
  • Start my lessons back up (not on Max yet)

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