Friday, April 10, 2015

The Weekend and A Lesson

Saturday was beautiful but a windy and a little chilly. I put the pony boy out on pasture for a bit then took him out for a hand walk. We played in the creek for a bit, then continued on Coming out of the woods into the back yard, pony bolted.  There may have been a tiny noise from my husband in the garage that spooked him, but it really shouldn't have.  Max was really good and not very forward at all during our walk, so it was completely unexpected. I caught him again and worked him in the paddock for a bit and he spooked at nothing yet again. Otherwise he was okay.

Later that evening, I was talking to my husband about Max and he offered to ride him.  Long story short, Max was very good for him. After a while, I was trying to get him to spook, but he never really did. I tried shaking branches, took a large cone and started throwing it behind him. put the cone on his butt and let it fall off (this got a small scoot), but nothing I did made him really want to spook. Hmmm....this is more confirmation that my anxiety is getting in the way.

See, I rode. Also, the grass has gotten so green :)

Sunday I got up on him with the western saddle and he was great.  We mostly trotted around the pasture. He was all looky towards the north east for some reason, but never offered to spook. I also tried out a new app for recording distance and speed. My part of Indiana is a joke in terms of elevation, so it's not really necessary. Pony boy is sloooowww.....

Looking at the individual segments, maybe our trotting wasn't too bad. Clicking should make it bigger, if you're interested.

Monday, I had my first lesson for the year.  We have a new therapy horse under trial who is still a bit nervous and getting buddy sour.  We worked on leg aids and keeping her on the rail. Every time we'd go past my instructor on her own horse, my horse would bend her neck away, but move her body towards instructors horse. We spent a lot of the lesson spinning.  It was good for my confidence though.

So far this week I haven't been able to ride due to rain. Driving into work on Wednesday was freaky. It was gray, but light, then BOOM. Engulfed in black. Can't see oncoming tornadoes in the dark.  I hate tornadoes. They cause me a lot of anxiety this time of year.

Saturday D and I are going to the Hoosier Horse Fair.  We want to talk to dealers about trailers. Exciting!

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