Friday, April 24, 2015

Lazy Days

So really, nothing has been going on at Howling Owl Farm.  It's been almost two weeks since I rode the pony.  Really, there hasn't been much of an excuse, except for the crazy windy and cold weather we've had this week.

Last night I got home late and put the critters out in the pasture.  It was dark when I went to get them. I called out on my way down to the barn....silence.  Then I opened a stall door and heard thundering hooves. That boy can stop on a dime when he's motivated by food + electric fence. I was worried he was going to try to run through for a second.

"Hand over the grain or the fence gets it!"

Cinderella is not the easiest llama to catch so I brought out some grain, which Max promptly tried to steal. Because I'm too lazy to bring them in one at a time.

I also have some evil plans brewing in my head to torture pony boy with, but it will take energy to finish, which I seem to be lacking. 

I took the day off work and hope to ride the pony later this morning before the rain comes in on Saturday. There may be some exciting news next week, but at the same time, it may fall through too.  Who knows.


  1. hope you get to ride and that the exciting news works out :)

    1. Thanks! I didn't ride, but am still waiting for news :)


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