Wednesday, April 22, 2015

FCEBH: Fav Ribbon/Prize/Award

It looks like 'Fraidy Cat Eventing is taking a stab at blog hopping.  Today, the question is:

What is your favorite ribbon / prize / award that you've won in relation to horses? Is there a story behind it? Or was it a bucket list prize you'd been chasing for ages? It doesn't have to be from a traditional horse show, and ribbons that are the favorite bc they are the prettiest are just as awesome as awards with a great story.

I don't show Max or any other horse yet.  So no prizes. Really, the only horse related award I received was Volunteer of the Year for 2013 for my work at a therapeutic riding center. There were actually 2 of us who won, because we both rock!

The crowns that Max and Cinderella are wearing were part of our award package. The other person who won let me borrow hers so I could do this.  It was highly amusing.


  1. omg i LOVE those crowns!!! your herd looks so regal in them haha. nice job on the volunteer of the year award too. i'm sure your help makes a huge difference to all the riders at the center. thanks for doing the hop!

    1. I still can't believe I got both of them with their ears up. Cinderella spent a couple of minutes shaking her head madly trying to get it off.


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